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Welcome to my new and improved, streamlined, high-speed net.presence. This page is considerably less verbose than my older one, and contains all of that site's links plus a few others as well, divided into neat little categories and sections.

You are now looking at version 4.0 Alpha-EX2 of the website, last updated as of 08/10/07 06:10. The site is now fully CSS-styled, Perl-supported, PHP-configured and Apache-fied. Formatting tables begone!

Click on the Home to get the skinny, but the long and the short of it is that more content has been added, and more links have been checked. The old bookmarks page still exists (but is no longer linked from any area but this page), and has been supplanted by the Linkage page.

This page is intended as a personal nexus for all sorts of sites on the web, a more graphical backup of all the links that I find useful, or interesting, or just plain cool. Plus, I really like dicking around with HTML and graphic design.

Currently, the server is running on on RedHat 8.0 with Perl 5.8.3 (for various interactive functions). Content management / weblogging engine are powered by Movable Type 2.661. This is, yes, yet another bit of geekery, but it's fun and educational to run your own server. And you don't have to bug anyone else to get a look at your access logs.

Plus, I get to run all kinds of funky and entertaing (well, to me) cgi-scripts that rotate the main banners, bring up random witticisms, or take desktop screencaps. See? I told you that this was the equivalent of intellectual wankery. Neener neener neener.

(yes, the site is finally running off a lunix boxen).

If you're still feeling all Indiana-Jonesy, only without the danger, excitement or snakes, then go all archeological and run along to the tackle shop and muck about for a bit. Be warned: this is one of the older incarnations of the site, and has what could only be described as a blindingly bright colour scheme. Be kind; it was a simpler age back then, when table tags rules the formatting world, and tiled backgrounds were the rage du jour.

The site's name is taken from the Silmarillion; it is the land of the Dunedains (Aragorn's ancestral homeland), and is sunk at the end of the Second Age.


   well, it was supposed to have been self-explanatory...

See that navbar on the right? Well, here's what those individual links mean.

Home News and Current Updates.
Photos Digicam photo gallery. Provided by Menalto!
Friends Photographs and quick descriptions of the people in my life.
Linkage My online bookmarks. Tons o' links.
About Me Some biographical material, as well as other quirky details
Web Comics Periodic web-based artistry, in a Scott McLeod sort of way.
Blog Archives All the collected rants and updates to this site.
About the SiteThis page, and some sort of explanation / apology for the site
Inconcessus Private, restricted-access section. If you want in and can explain why, gimme a shout at jaygarcia at shaw dot ca

This page best viewed with any modern browser, at a resolution of at least 800x600. Yeah, I've given up with keeping it backwards-compatible. Upgrade, people! Other browsers and resolutions as yet untested, though if it doesn't accept CSS, then it'll break. Unless it's Lynx. Thousands of colours wouldn't hurt, either. Ooooh, colours...
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