Hi. Welcome to my biographical information homepage. Here's where you can find out the weird, wooly stuff that occurs around, or, more precisely, to me.

Anyway, enough dithering. Usually a homepage of this type would have some kind of information pertinent to me. Alright then. Consider yourself warned.

   who the heck is this guy?
This is a rather fuzzy picture of me

Howdy, my name is Jay. Everyone calls me that largely because I happen to possess a rather long and sort-of-convoluted name (it's composed of Czech and Spanish nouns, so imagine the confusion, as I'm Philippino by birth, though Western Canadian by way of citizenship and pop-cultural immersion). Further, the double-l in my middle name tends to cause pronunciation mistakes in people not used to Spanish (or Portugese). Currently, I'm living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rain rain rain blech. At least the summers are great (we don't have the Prairie's sweltering heat, nor the muggy humidity of the East Coast.) Don't get me wrong, I love this city and wouldn't want to live anywhere else, really.

Personality-wise, I've been described by various friends as a widely but incompletely educated bleeding-heart conservative masquerading as a relatively personable misanthrope. And this is from the people who like me. Seriously, though, I really try not to think too hard about what kind of person I am, because this avenue of thought always leads to strange little cul-de-sacs. I mean, who you are can change with time and circumstance. You can be an utter saint and you can be a complete homocidal psychotic and your oscillation between the various extremes might well depend on whom you're with, what you're doing, and the phase of the moon. Having said that, I, personally, try as much as possible and as often as possible to be a nice guy. Unfortunately, this a process muddied by the endless permutations and complications that is modern life, but hey, you go with the flow and take what you can get.

Anyway, thankfully, I've declined to put up any more pictures of me (though I do have a doozy of me in a lab coat after an overly-stressful afternoon session). After all, I've always been more fond of being behind the camera, rather than in front of it.

   the stuff that happens in spite of a social life.

I graduated! Woohoo! Four (well, five) years and a B.Sc. in Genetics. Unsurprisingly, I'm back at school ('cause I love the place so darn much). Current plans include going back to the University of British Columbia in the fall and finishing a second degree in Computer Science. Then, my sights are set on Brown University and its MD/PhD program, specifically in the field of Bioinformatics.

Most of my studies have had an emphasis towards my interest in genetics, specifically in developmental and medical genetics. In the near future, I hope to be looking at more of the same, coupled with fun courses I didn't have time to take as an undergrad.

Here are some miscellaneous school-type links:

   the other leading cause of insomnia

SUS Logo

The Science Undergraduate Society is one of the University of British Columbia's student-run organizations which oversee the affairs of nearly a score of science-related clubs, functions, and committees. It offers rebates for its sports teams, holds a largely well-attended and popular affair called Science Week in the first week of January, and is largely responsible for publishing one of the campus' most intentionally humorous newspapers.

The Science Undergrad Society's Lounge is the place where I used to hang out all the time. Well, whenever I wasn't in class. It's a great little place where the people are friendly (whenver they're not stressing out over finals), the networked PC's are (or were) always up for a game or too (of whatever FPS / RPG was installed recently), except when an issue of the paper needs to be produced, or when they're being used for nefarious purposes by the Science Executive High Command.
The 432

I also used to do more stuff for SUS. Before I decided to get a trifle more serious about my the entire studying thing, I used to write for the Science Undergradate Society humour newspaper, The 432 (don't ask me why we call it The 432).

Take a gander at some of my SUS links (all of which are in-jokes, and all of which are hosted on the old homepage and tackleshop):

   i've been workin' in a coal mine...

I'm currently employed, and I'm working as a technical analyst for WebCT, serving courses, campus and community online. Yay!

In the past, I've done stuff ranging from videography to clerical work to phone interviewing to keeping offices clean and restocking pop machines. Fun, character-building jobs. You know the type.

 FRIENDS! (no, not the show)
   aren't they lovely?

Friends. Most everybody's got 'em. Most of mine I made in high school. Many more of 'em I met at SUS. My friends are the primary reason that I don't have a dull and monotonous life. Bless 'em.

Here are a few photos of my friends. The attack of the killer photos. This is, not surprisingly, a picture- and therefore bandwidth-intensive page, so consider yourself warned.

   there is no deus ex machina...



AMD 2500 XP + (Barton core, Volcano 9 cooled), ASUS A7VK600 Motherboard (onboard gigabit ethernet), 1 G PC2700 DDR RAM, 2 80G Maxtor 7200 HD, 80G Seagate 7200 HD, 40G Maxtor 7200 HD, SB Live Value!, ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 9000 PRO (64M), Linksys BEFW11S4 v.2 4-port switch/WAP, Panasonic 8x DVD drive, Sony DW-U12A dual-mode DVD burner, 3-port 6-pin Firewire

AMD Duron 1G, ECS K7S7AG Motherboard (onboard gigabit ethernet), 512 MB, 2 80 G Maxtor 7200 HD

Linxcel KVM Switch, Samsung ML1210 laser printer, Dazzle CF Card Reader, Palm m125, PC Concepts ergo keyboard, Logitech Soundman Pro speakers, Logitech MouseMan Wheel Optical, RatPad, Terayon cable modem (Shaw provided), PS2 Gamepad to USB adaptor, Nostromo N50 Speedpad, Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice, X10 2.4 GHz RF A/V transmitter, X10 RF remote control, Labtech mic, UMax 1200 Astra USB Scanner, iPod (15 GB), Intel Pocket Concert MP3 Player (128M), infrared USB adapter.

Death doll, Trinity (w/ and w/out trenchcoat), Matrix Sentinel bendy-figure, Bender bendy-toy, and Reboot Virii set (minus Slash), Evangelion Units 00, 01, 02, 04 and Mass Production models, Last Exile Lavi limited edition figure, FLCL Lord Canti / red Atomsk, Qui-Gonn Jinn lightsabre, GI Joe Stealth Fighter.

Not Pictured:
GE 900 MHz cordless headset phone, Classic NES w/ NES Advantage Joystick and Light Gun, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Gamecube (Broadband adaptor, gameboy player, Wavebird controller, 1 memory card), SEGA Dreamcast (three controllers, 2 VMU's, 1 Nexus 8x Bankswitched VMU, 1 Sega 4x MegaStorage VMU, D, Apple 17" Multisync Monitor, Sony PS2 (mod'ed, 2 wireless Lynx controllers, one Madcatz standard controller and one standard Dual Shock, 2 8M memory cards, broadband adaptor and softwired connection to PC via usb Sharkport).

This work area lets me indulge in all kinds of geek activities. The computer itself is called Phoenix, as it's risen from its own ashes far more often than I'm comfortable with. Since Shaw Cable kindly provides me with both my net connection and my cablevision, I'm more than comfortable letting the 'box capture my shows, and I use the same features to edit and output video to and from the Sony's just off the side. I do a lot of A/V work on the machine, as well as yer average, every-day writing, coding, surfing and gaming (thus the RatPad, the finest mousing surface known to man. Since it's not always convenient to use the standalone DVD player, I use the machine to watch my small but-ever growing selection of DVD's. The only thing the box really needs these days is a good DTS decoder (preferably in window-shattering, wall and floor-thumping amp form) and an accompanying 5.1 system.

Gods, yes, I'm a geek. But I'm a geek with a lightsabre.

I gotta find me a nice little linux boxen to house the file-server; 3 80 Gig drives should do it, but there are just so many interesting things that catch my interest, and the fact that Sony has just slashed prices on their Playstation 2's doesn't help.

For more geekery, check out my desktop pictures of my various Desktops (all desktops are 1280x1024, but the images are resized to fit most browsers):

Lackey Mail Desktop Lackey Misc Desktop
Henchman testing desktop OSX Mac desktop
  • Overlord -- My OS X machine running on a G4 450 (Mac compliance testing, hopefully soon to be upgraded).
  • The wallpaper is Rei Ayanami, v2
Win2K desktop
  • Jay -- My primary work machine (work policy, unfortunately), but a nice little Win2K box nonetheless.
  • This wallpaper is Evangelion - Tripe Control v2. (Noticing a theme yet?)
Win2K desktop
  • Phoenix -- My home machine, running Windows XP Professional. It's a sweet development / gaming rig.

   focussed navel-gazing.

At times, something (or, more rarely, someone) will catch my interest. I usually then begin to obsess over the entire subject, and the usual end-result of this activity is some form of scribbling or other, jotted down on whatever was handy. Now, to be honest, I've been writing on and off for the past several years, and some of the things that I've written have had the fortune of seeing the light of day. The rest of 'em, well... some of them are funny, some of them are little more than vitriolic rants, and the rest are of absolutely no interest to anyone but myself. However, I am cursed (or blessed) with the inability to tell which is which, so here they are, and I'm leaving them up to you to sort out. Enjoy.

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