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the guys: jon, orion, tavish, me

The photo to the right was taken in 1994. I'm the short one in the middle. From left to right, around me, are Jonothan, Orion, and Tavish (absent is our other best bud, Alex, who didn't go to our grad party 'cause he was a year ahead of us). I've known them for years and years now.

They're among the few people who made my high school years tolerable. I first met 'em in the eight grade, and we've been raising mayhem ever since. Some of us have lost contact over the years, but by and large, we make the effort to keep in touch.

the guys, tv studio: orion, tav, alex (and sarah)

These days, Jonothan spends his time counting fish in the wilds of the Alaskan waters, occasionally stopping in to send email, message me, or physically mail heavily-laminated post cards. Orion is done his degree at SFU, and will be heading to the East in the upcoming school year. Tavish fights hypocrisy wheresoever he may find it, and used to teach English as a Second Language somewhere in Eastern Europe; these days, he's a student over at the University of Toronto. Alex, well, honestly, I really have no clue what he's doing these days. Although I have a sneaking suspicion he's somehow distantly involved with the Canadian Military. God help us all.

<<On the left is a scene of the group in a state of relative repose, in our favoured natural habitat, the television studio (well, for the guys it was the television studio; we actually shared space with the photo studio, which is why Sarah's in the picture with us).


<<The ever-ebullient Sailor. He's a pretty funky dude. I'm forever in his debt for the scooter that he built for me. Nowadays, he doesn't look anything like this picture (after all, the pic's ancient). Just envision him with a near-buzz cut and in raver-style clothing, and you'll get what he looks like these days.


One of my best friends, Amanda. Currently, she is 25 and still trying to be cute (and hopefully succeeding!). Having gone from Vancouver to Japan to the UK, she is now trying to survive various temping jobs at the University of Nottingham.

We've known each other forever. She is the nicest, coolest, funkiest person I've ever had the pleasure to know, and I really should be making more of an effort to keep in touch.>>


<<This is Kelly. She's one of the few people who've managed to leave a lasting impact on me (she's probably not sure if that's a compliment, but it is). I haven't seen her in a couple of years, but we still talk.
She's currently going to Antioch College, down in Ohio (yeah, yeah, I know it 'aint in Colorado... satisfied, Kel?). And she's working in New York. Or something similarly Kelly-ish and confusing.


Ahh, Sarah. She's is/was one of my best friends. She's wonderful, she's infuriating, and she is by far the most intelligent person I know. She revels in the seamier, earthier side of popular culture, and she looks good while she's doing it. That takes talent.>>


<<This would be Mary. She's one really, really together babe. Her focus and intensity, comparted to that of most peoples, is like the light from a klieg lamp compared to a flashlight. Awesome and unstoppable. I haven't seen much of her lately, and that's a shame. (It's largely 'cause I can't get off my ass and run down to see her in the Arts 200 lounge... damn inertia)


Jen. The photo's from a halloween party with the theme "dress your worst". I've always been terribly impressed by her, 'cause she manages to articulate in a simple and effective manner the infuriating and complex issues with which she is constantly grappling. And 'cause she gives voice to her problems rather than burying them.>>

kat m

<<Kathryn, or, more commonly, Kat. She's probably the most hyperkinetic and bouncy person I know. Sheesh. Redheads. Nothin' but trouble (right, Kat?) Anyway, she's one of my closer friends, but her life is way too complex for her these days, so much so that I need a playcard to follow the drama that is her life as it unfolds.


This is Kym. She's an awesome babe, and a pretty good friend, to boot. She's one of the more dedicated people I know, and that's pretty scary. (<shatner voice> Oh, No! Dedication! Guilt - too - much - to - take! </shatner voice>) She has this tendency to pursue everything she cares about with mind-boggling intensity, so she ends up being pretty good at what she does, like her acting, or her singing, or her schoolwork...>>


<<This is Frenchy (his real name is Mathieu). Not surprisingly, he's French (actually born in France, but he's Canadian, and a francophone). He's a pretty bizarre but fun guy to be around. And if I'm ever in a scavenger hunt, I'll want him on my team, 'cause he manages to "retrieve" all the weirdest stuff (we're still figuring out what the hell we're going to do with all the signs he's "retrieved").
He can be seen here dressed up for Hallowe'en as that private dick sex machine, John Shaft. Note that that's his actual hair.


This is John, in a (rare) moment of studiousness. Uh, yeah, right.. The sight of John seriously studying will be one of the seven signs of Apocalypse, right after Californians finally give up being hysterical about earthquakes and New Yorkers become friendly to random strangers. Anyway, John was my editor at The432, and he's a terribly interesting guy to be around (in the Chinese proverbial sense of the word).>>


<<This would be Jer, lounging, as per usual, on the SUS couches. If you get a chance, check out his band, Speedbump. He used to by my editor at The 432, and is now gainfully employed as a web designer for Bluezone.


This is Zabrina. Zabrina's an absolutely charming girl just brimming over with natural talent in a number of diverse fields. And she has dedication that puts Catholic saints to shame. The following is a typical Friday night conversation with her: "Hey Zabrina, whatcha' up to? Doing anything fun this evening?"
"Well, I've got all these phone calls to make collecting money for the heart and stroke foundation. Then I figured I'd get a couple of good solid hours of Immunology studying done."
Criminey. She's cool. Love her to pieces, and all. Plus, she has the good taste to be dating the only truly psychotic Scotsman I know, who also happens to be a friend, so everything works out for the best.>>


<<This is that aforementioned psychotic Scotsman, Jake. These days he's got a beard going, so he looks even more evil than usual. Jake's a good guy to have around. He's one of those opinionated bastards who isn't afraid to speak his mind. Some people would call that iconoclastic. I say it's just Jake being a shit disturber. Hell, it works, though.
He and Zabrina are currently kickin' up a ruckus and takin' in the sights of a continent-spanning European and Indian tour. Yeah, yeah, India's a subcontinent, but since when was I a stickler for detail?

miss jenn

Ahh, Miss Jenn. Reigning ska queen and social coordinator extraordinaire. Behind the charming facade lies the precision and skill of a master assassin. I'm just glad she's on our side.
Besides having a penchant for dating members of all the bands she books, (sometimes she has the uncanny ability to date these people before she books their band), she possesses a keen sense of mischief, and a near-supernatural ability to detect the presence of free food and beverages. Many's the time she's discovered and finagled her way into an "invites only" Wine and Cheese on the spur of the moment.
She's currently in Montreal, finishing up her degree and enjoying everything that decadently wonderful city has to offer.>>


<<Natalie's a charming young lass from the wilds of Shawnigan Lake, a fact she never fails to recount when in company. Avid follower of all things Physics, she's one of the few people I know who actually enjoys being in school. Weird.


The lovely Oana, the perkier and significantly less visibly weird half of the amalgam known as Ben-n'-Oana, maintains the distinction of being the only person I know who is both levelheaded andf fun to be with. This is less an indictment of her mental stability than it is on my ability to choose friends, and it should, in fact, be taken as a compliment.
Given the strange machinations of politics, Oana will likely be SAC Secretary for the AMS, and thus weild enormous power over its constituents! Bwah-ha-ha! Lesser mortals will tremble at her presence!>>


<<This dapper young gentleman would happen to be the one, the only, Andy "Spacemoose" Martin, before his exposure to four months of loneliness, cold, and privation as a NMFO inspector onboard an Arctic fishing boat. Any eligible young ladies who are interested are directed to contact Mr. Martin at


Anna is the nicest, kindest and most fun person that I know; she's just great.
She's been one hell of an inspiration to the rest of us, and not just in a pre-med keener way. She remains one of the most charming, lovely people I've ever been fortunate enough to know.
Anna's going off to McGill to be an Emergency Resident, and I'll miss her terribly, but it'll give me an excuse to visit.>>


<<My buddy Jag, the Smilin' Man. They say you can never trust a man who smiles too much; if you believe that adage, I'd never trust Jag. He is, however, one of the nicest and the most reliable guy I know; and he's far more forgiving of people than they often deserve.
Jag should be around for sometime, unless CompSci Coop has other plans for him, so I look forward to kicking my future clanmate's ass in many an online deathmatch.
And yo, Jag, when are making another Run for the Border?


It's a well-known fact that Reka doesn't like to have her picture on the web, ostensibly to discourage any strange stalker-type people. However, this is actually due to the fact that there aren't many pictures of her that she would approve. Finally, I found a picture that she won't complain about (well, not too loudly, at least). The previous choice of pictures were due to an overwhelming dearth of candidates, this is the best that I've seen, and we can all thank Jag for it. As for Reka, quite honestly, I find her to be rather unfathomable, though constantly seeming to be on the point of implosion.>>


<<The ever seductive Keri. Woot. She's graduating this year, so she may not be in SUS as often as I'd like to see her, but she'll be living within stumbling distance of Elwoods, so it's not as if I won't be seeing her on a regular basis.

And now, a very special group picture:
Reka, Keri and Jag


<<Marianne is cool. She's got that happenin' vibe going down; she walks the walk, and she talks the talk. I love her to pieces. She plays a mean game of pool and keeps trying to get us to come out clubbing with her, for which I forgive her.


Andrew Tinka! I first made his acquaintance when he was a seriously funny writer for The 432. He's since become the EUS president and one of the more amusing and imaginative miscreants with whom I hang. He's a bad mother.... Shut your mouth!

(for the observant, note the iron ring in this picture...) >>


<<Joce! Cute geek girl extraordinaire! She's been gaming with us since January, and raising hell from long before that. Joce contributes a strong sense of subversive mischief that tempers the otherwise psychotic, chaotic nature of many of the activities that seem to have characterized my last year at the university. Wheeee!

dave t

Uh-huh! Yeah! Givin' 'em the guns! David Tsang, large and in charge! Dave's been a good friend of mine for a little while now, and I wish I'd made his acquaintance earlier. Dave was the nEUSpayper's editor for a while, and he's laid down that terrible burden to go travelling in the wilds of Europe. Dave was the other miscreant with whom I got into far too many shenanigans this last year. Rock on, Dave! >>


<<Dan is odd. Dan is fun. Have fun with the Dan. Dan is making cyborg dolls. Dan throws pom-pom weilding girls around. Yay Dan!


The lovely and multi-talented Julia has departed our presence for the colder, if more intellectually stimulating climes of Kingston, Ontario; home of Queens Medical School, and, of course, The Tragically Hip. She has so many things going for her that I am overwhelmed. We miss you, Jules! >>


<<Bree used to be my editor at The 432. Bree regained her sanity midway through the school year and suckered me into doing the job (alright, I volunteered, but as editor emeritus Blair McDonald used to say: "never let the facts get in the way of a good story").

Bree is insanely cool; in that calm, collected, Emma Peel sort of way. Remember kids: not only can she correct your grammar with a speed and accuracy unfathomable to modern man, but that she's deadly at fifty paces with any sort of thrown object.


Bella! Ever-enthusiastic progenitor of many an escapade, possessed of those woefully cute anime eyes (a phrase for which she will, no doubt, crucify me at a time and place of her own choosing), and sometimes forced to act as my better nature and the voice of my conscience -- not an easy job, I assure you.

No worries, Bel. I promise to behave when I'm around you. >>

For some unfathomable reason, there are a bunch of people who have complained that they aren't adequately represented on this page. This is because I don't have any decent pictures of you folk, or I haven't gotten around to scanning your pix yet.

Okay, who did I forget? I'm sure you'll mail me and complain, won'cha? Cori, Mikey, Sara, Kat S., Myk, and Shane.

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