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AS THE SITE HAS GROWN, the navigation between its various links gets more and more tedious. Sure, there's an index, but then again, navigating by imagemap is so... impersonal.

Thus, this page. Hopefully, it will serve as a more coherent arrangement of my pages, and as a rationale as to why they exist.


   video killed the radio star Warped Philco Radio

Of late, I've come to realize exactly how much popular culture tends to influence me. Often, I'll find myself humming, for no particular reason, the theme song to The Simpsons. Or I'll get sidetracked into an argument over Brit-Pop, and who actually is the better band, Blur or Oasis? And every Friday, without fail, I'll do the rounds from The Comicshop to duthie's Books to A&B Sound, looking for media-consumables.

In an effort to come to understand the media culture surrounding me, I've decided to update and expand my media pages, which by-and-large tend to contain those things in media which interest me, and divide them up as follows:


   but then I was slain by an orc

I got introduced to the interesting world of role-playing games, specifically Dungeons & Dragons, through my good friend and carpool buddy, Mark Ramos, way back in the early spring of 1986. Through him, we intrepid adventurers wandered through trackless wastes, slaying dragons, saving towns from encroaching Orcish armies, and generally rooting out evil wherever we found it.

When I came to Vancouver, I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of some people who also played D&D. Countless hours were spent exploring deep dungeons, hacking our way out of fiendish traps, and just generally having a great time. William Wallace type blade

So, I'm slowly in the process of adding relevant links for:

By far the best page for things in the World of Darkness milieu is
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness Web Page.

Despite time constraints (ie. job hunting, school), I've finally decided to put up my notes for my old AD&D campain. (Boy, does that bring back memories).

Finally, my work-in-progress cross-system Storyteller campain is up on this site.


   fighting carpal tunnel syndrome since 1982

Like a godawful amount of people, I play videogames. I got hooked on them when I hung out at my friend Mark's place back in the early eighties, and he introduced me to the wonders of Tank War and Space Invaders on his little Atari system. I once upon a time owned a Nintendo system, and now I only play arcade games and computer games, and then only rarely (being a relatively penniless student who can neither spare all that much time and money on the stuff. But an addict's still gotta get his fix...)

If you're really curious, take a gander at the games I play.


   want some grout with that?

For some unfathomable reason, I really like playing around with Adobe Photoshop, and specifically the Kai's Power Tools plugins. Most of all, I enjoy generating an ever growing assortment of weird, wild, and wonderful tiles.


   owner of a lonely heart Broken Heart

For some small time in my life, when all seemed the most bleak, I, for some misguided reason or other, sought solace and enlightenment in the misery of others, specifically through the agency of the Web.

At that time, I had so few successes in finding the pages that might have been helpful to me that I decided to go right ahead and make one of my own.

The result is the bitterness homepage, one of the most visited pages on this site.

I'd guess there's a lot of bitter people out there. Here's hoping this helps.


   what What WHAT?

SUS Logo

I spent a lot of time at UBC's Science Undergrad Society lounge. The people are friendly, the atmosphere's relaxed, and, when the stress of being students gets to us, or when we've imbibed one too many an alcoholic beverage, we tend to say things that can be taken, well, wrongly.

These unfortunate quotations would often find themselves scribbled on any piece of available paper and tacked to the western bulleting board, for all to see. For a while at least, until someone eventually takes 'em down out of either sheer boredom or embarassment.

I appointed myself official keeper of the Web-Wide Science Undergraduate Society Quotations. Somebody had to.


   avoid the salad scorpion

As you may have guessed, I happen to be a Scorpio. Scorpio, if you follow astrology at all (and I don't tend to, but I include it for the sake of completeness), is a water sign, and Scorpio people are supposed to be overly subtle and mysterious. Also tempermental, elemental, possessive, passionate, and a whole bunch of other things which kind of apply. Feel free to follow the link to the astrology pages. You may not necessarily believe the stuff, but your dominant paradigms can't help but be influenced by centuries of astrology, even if you won't acknowledge it yourself.  

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