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Hi. Welcome to my homesite.

I'm your host, Jay Garcia. For the next little while, I'll be the guiding animus behind this self-aggrandazing waste of time that is my homesite. Sit back. Relax. You've already wasted a whole ten seconds reading this, so you might as well get comfortable if you're going to keep on wasting your time.

I figure that, if you boil it down, there are only a couple of reasons why someone would want to set up a homepage/homesite. The biggest one, I'd imagine, is self-aggrandizement. You know, the "Your Name In Lights" theory. As reasons go, this isn't half bad. At the very least, it proves that the page-builder has a pulse and an ego of some sort, and thereby manages to claim status as being part of the human race. At the most, it means exposure to an audience of millions and possible interaction (albeit in a limited way) with those people who choose to communicate with the person who put up a site that was capable of grabbing their attention by the lapels and shaking 'em around for a bit, and then kept their attention with at least halfway decent content.

Then there's the "Communication of Information" reason -- the same drive which led scientists and education-oriented people to set up the university-round robin network based on the existing DARPAnet architechture which would later evolve into the Internet, and later, the Web. This kind of site is more commonly the domain of content-pimps like Mr.Showbiz and the like, but the presence of online 'zines proves the continued existence of a more grass-roots, samizdat-loving Web populace.

And then there's the final reason: Forgetfulness. Many homepages are nothing more than an online version of someone's bookmarks, with their class schedule and dayplanner thrown in for good measure.

As for me? You decide.

Navigate your way around this site with the help of some handy-dandy icons arranged in an oh-so-familiar directory tree fashion! Woohoo! Original thinking at its best!
All about me (quelle surprise). Who I am, where I came from, where I'm going, and what I want -- including a comprehensive list of my demands. Well, almost.
Anything and everything that's new with these pages will be found itemized in near painstaking detail here. Ah, the legacy of an anal-retentive nature.
My various obsessions, fascinations, and interests, gathered together because I couldn't figure out any other place to put the buggers.
This is somewhat thematically similar to the above page, in that it takes you to all sorts of interesting places. After all, your web page is only as good as its links.
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