SUS Hacks as Star Trek Castmembers

If SUS Hacks were Star Trek Characters:

(or, Society In-Jokes, Galore!, Circa 1996)

It happened innocently enough one sunny afternoon during April Examination season. A bunch of SUS hacks were on the couches procrastinating like crazy, and the conversation turned, innocently enough, to Star Wars, then to Trek. What follows is what happens when over-stressed and over-caffeinated geeky people end up with time on their hands.

Frenchy -- Chekov (I)
Jason -- McCoy (I)
Henry -- Sulu (I)
Anna -- Nurse Chapel (I)
Grant -- Geordi LaForge (II)
Phil -- Q (II)
Jeff -- Wesley Crusher(II)
Craig -- Reginald Barclay (II)
Jesse -- Tasha Yar (II)
Taryn -- Beverly Crusher (II)
Blair -- Miles O'Brien (II)
Angela -- Guinan (II)
Roman -- Worf (II / DS9)
Alex -- Odo (DS9)
Jay -- Quark (DS9)
Bella -- Jadzia Dax (DS9)
Scott -- Julian Bashir (DS9)
Kim S. -- Seven of Nine (Voy)
Mikey -- Tom Paris (Voy)

Red Shirts
Jake G.

Gratuitous Console Operators
Scott and Allison

John and Mandy
Doug and Kat
Lisa and Micah

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