April 19, 2000

  • Well, examination season proves to be a good time for me to check up on these pages. Many, many broken links, and I think it may be time to overhaul the interior design, but that's another story for a different time, especially since I should be spending more time fixing the website of the Alma Mater Society of UBC.
  • Cleaned up the entry page graphics and layout, and am in the process of fixing the friends page, as well as the video games page. More to come as I continue to procrastinate...

June 6, 1999

  • Lots of incremental bits fixed and modified. Amanda now has a link to her web-presence, the link for Jer's homepage for his band Speedbump has been fixed, and I've added some more rantings to my movies section, plus an entire new sub-section devoted to The Phantom Menace experience.
  • Check out the updated biography, cause I've graduated, baby, yeah! I'm outta there... kinda (oh, all right, I'm headed back to school in the fall. Damn professional student.)

January 5, 1999

  • Party like it's 1999, baby! Yeah! Well, it's probably the only time I get to legitimately use that phrase, so I'll enjoy it while I can.
  • I've updated the site through the use of Cascading Style Sheets. Man, these babies rock! Plus, I've given the site a facelift, even if the content hasn't changed much. Out with the old, after all.

August 21, 1998

  • Well, working two jobs and studying for the MCATs really killed my summer, so I haven't updated this page since March. Great. Reworked the background image to something less obtrusive, and did some page updates. Nothing much, really. Wait 'till I get up to speed, tho...
  • Oh, yeah, got a new box sometime early in June. P2, 266 all the neato periphs and a better monitor, so I won't need to rely on external computers to work on this page anymore. Cheers!

March 19, 1998

  • In an effort to kill what little free time remains to me, I've decided to java-scriptify this site. The results are, well, geeky, but I like it. Thanks to Orca Bay Entertainment via Jeff Steinbok for the script for button highlights, and to Nerve magazine for the image-link idea.
  • And, I finally got tired of how the Friends page was organized, so I fixed it.

March 10, 1998

  • Been a bit of a break here and there... schools busy and the winter break's come and gone (in fact, so has the spring break), but I'm in the strange period between midterms and finals, so I've got a spare moment or two to repair the site. I've updated a few links (added a couple of friends who finally got 'round to being web-connected), played around with a few more images (the background's now less geometrical, for one thing), made some additions ('specially to the video games section of the Neat Stuff page).
  • Still generally trying to fight webrot, and failing miserably... <sigh> If my perl skills were any good, or my server would let me, I'd write some kinda site-specific spider which would only hit all the links listed on my site and report back in list-like form if any were broken or down or whatnot. Oh, well, here's to the future.

December 11, 1997

  • Finally decided to take some time off to clean up and update these pages, wonderful time-wasters and ode to my ego as they are. I've finally decided to give in and use the <font face=> tag. And I've figured out what kept breaking the Multicol tag in my CD Listing page; I suppose multiple nested undefined lists aren't really that good for something of that nature.
  • Even more yummy, I've noticed that my Music page has progressed beyond terminal webrot and is now quietly and peacefully proceeding towards a state of petrification. Steps are being taken to rectify this, but this is still proving somewhat problematic, given time constraints and the bone-crunching slowness of my 486 DX33..

August 23, 1997

  • Well, another summer's about to close, and I'm about to enter my third year of school... which basically means that I'm procrastinating like crazy about now and trying to cram in as much relaxation as possible before becoming as busy as a hill of ants covered in kerosene and set on fire.
  • To that end, I've been updating various pages, and I've found and added to the links page a few more homepages belonging to certain friends of mine...
  • I've also decided to update the semi-moribund media pages.
  • I'm also slowly fixing a bit of bug in the coding which results in the generation of multiple navigation frames.

August 8, 1997

  • Ahh, Summer. For the past little while, I've decided that being a member of the ranks of the voluntarily jobless can be a fun thing. Case in point, I now have enough time to actually update this site, instead of just the Crystalis/Digital Adventures site. Taking a look at my links, I wasn't terribly surprised to discover that webrot had set in. So, I've rectified that problem.
  • As well, I've fiddled around with some formatting bits, and found some more of my friend's websites (especially the obscure ones... you can't run that far, Kel ).
  • More of the rants and storries are being worked on, and I've finally gotten lazy, so they're staying in their Micro$oft Word 6.0 format and I'll batch-convert 'em into HTML at a later date (once they've been edited). Of course, rants have been at a premium recently, 'cause of a sudden and inexplicable desire to flesh out my AD&D campain world... ahh, it's probably the TSR/WotC merger. On that note, doesn't that make Seattle one of the geek capitals of the world? Microsoft headquarters, Nintendo of America headquarters, and now, home to two of the most prominent geek hobbies on the planets; Magic: the Gathering, and AD&D.
  • And, for those of you who care (or have given in to terminal boredom), I've figured out my third year schedule. Rejoice!
  • On a more technical note, I've finally given up and upgraded to Netscape 3.01, which means I've discovered the joys of the new typsetting options (ohmigod, FONTS? what a blecchy idea... although the W3C is getting its act together to form some sort of standard for Web Page Fonts).

May 11, 1997

  • After being on extended hiatus, due to a lot of scholastic pressure (ie, my grades dropped precipitously, and I had to spend a year working my ass off so that in the near future, applications sent off to grad school won't be a mere waste of paper), these pages are back in commission, at a new site.
  • To that end, a lot of changes have been made, too many to list here, really. The site has received a complete overhaul, and a lot more attention will be paid to updating it on a regular basis. A couple of neato new additions are the CD list page, and a series of upcoming pages containing my rants, musings, and other weird bits of scribble that make it onto my computer.
  • The Books of Magic page local to this site has also received an overall redesign, having found not one, not two, but three kick-ass BoM sites on the web. So the local Books of Magic pages are concentrating entirely on story analysis and thematic exploration of each issue or story arc.

August 25, 1996

  • After many, many days of overly-fine weather, a strange interlude involving a bus driver, a skater-girl and a bunch of bananas, one long night of familial discussions and the sudden departure of one of my best friends to the climes of Banff (boy, does she ever miss her boyfriend), I've discovered that this page of excesses will not only have a home, it will actually have a webmaster for the next year or so. Yay! (and there was much rejoicing)
  • The background graphic, stolen as it was from BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness page, has been updated to an entirely new (and original) design. Whoohoo.
  • More Javascript manipulation, more image completion. Little details. Aargh. Anyway, that's 'cause most of my energy is going towards returning to school and to my Books of Magic homepage.

August 19, 1996

  • I've finally gotten off my duff and implemented some useful Javascript into the browser (for that 75% of you out there who run Netscape). If you're not running Netscape... well, you're not missing a hell of a lot.
  • Some of the animated .GIFs were removed because they interfere badly with the newly implemented Javascript stuff. Oh, well.
  • I've added more pictures to my Friends page. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Finally, I've also re-done my "mission statement", the opening spiel that graces my top page.

July 22, 1996

  • Everything on these pages is currently in the process of being tested for compatibility, active linkages, stability, and the like. Why? Because we're moving to a new, and faster server. I'd like to thank XMission for being the server site for this page for over a year (the entire span of my web-designing experience, excepting the four brief months of computer science in the fall of '95).
    We'll be moving to a faster server, and the directory listing will put this page beneath the Science Undergraduate Society heirarchy for webmasters, but all-in-all, it'll still be under the auspices of SEER Syberville. Thanks again, Graeme!
  • I've added a bunch of new links to sub-sites within the main SEER site, as I've finally found the time to work on my Books of Magic webpage, my Dungeon Master's Notes for my old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and the page for my soon-to-be launched Vancouver By Night Storyteller campaign. Sure got hobbies on the brain, don't I?
  • I've also modified the original Tiles page, as the old one required having over 200+ k worth of image files to maintain on the server. I'm not one to stretch the generosity of my host, and I wanted to have some more space for the other sub-pages, so I replaced the originals with grouped thumbnails (jpeg, of course), saving me over 140 + k of disk space.

June 30, 1996

  • Finally re-worked the index page. It's faster, neater, and now backwards-compliant with most browsers.
  • Also managed to color-code the various subsections. Anyone who manages to figure out what the various colours mean and how they are related, and drop me a line at jaygarcia@-removetomail-home.com gets my sincere congratulations.
  • I realized how entirely cheezy, hubristic and server-resource-sapping graphical page counters are, so I put some interesting gif animations in. Enjoy.

June 29, 1996

  • Muchos, muchos cosmetic fixes and stuff like that. The site's now compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape 3.0.
  • Working on the counter, and hopefully I'll be able to install the proper CGI script to access the home-designed number blocks.

June 28, 1996

  • I've re-organized the main page by adding new icons and category description which should help in using the buttonbar (as if that wasn't self-explanatory already), and currently, I'm working on the no-frames version.

June 25, 1996

  • Finally finished working on the new Neat Stuff page. It's chock full of things that I couldn't think of to put anywhere else. As of this writing, it's becoming all to awfully apparent that the durn thing's going to grow bigger and bigger with time. Oh well.
  • I've also given the overall presentation a lot of thought, and have come to the conclusion that if God were on the 'net, he'd be using Netscape. So, in with the Frames! This has vastly simplified my introductory page, and will help with future re-organizations as well.

June 14, 1996

  • Well, I'm back from my Chicago trip. Bet you never knew I left, didja? Well, I'll be encapsulating the entire thing, from the end of my final exams, to my East Coast visit in my new State of Being pages, once I finish working on them (or, perhaps, even starting them, given the rather nasty detail of trying to find a job for the summer and still find time to write an untold number of articles for various editors). Talk about self-promotion, eh?
  • Meanwhile, I've given the main screen lots of thought, and I've simplified, and prettified the durn thang. I'm also in the process of modifying my indices, too, so look out, world!

April 1, 1996

  • I'm really, really tired. It's not just plain old physically tired, I'm emotionally exhausted. Working on this web page seems to alleviate this condition. Silly, isn't it. Anyway, for those of you who can't get enough of 'em, here's a few more background tiles.

March 10, 1996

  • It's been a while since my heart was broken. I'm not as bitter as I was on say, Valentine's day. So I've updated my bitterness page. Now the page chronicles the entire process of embitterment, from the bile-in-your-throat beginnings to the whimpering end. Additionally, the links are now functional, so you can see who else out in this big ole crazy world is as bitter as I used to be.
  • I've finally figured out how to do flanking images (ie, the proper use of ALIGN=LEFT and ALIGN=RIGHT). Now if I could only figure out how to do encircling images properly...

March 6, 1996

  • I've modified my main page (the topmost, entry-level page), to make it easier to download and flip your way around from subpage to subpage. This also results in the creation of a new page, the ever ubiquitious Links page.
  • Also, some of the images, like the rule bars, and the "flanking" images have been added. I'm not too sure if I'm happy with them yet, but time will tell.

March 4, 1996

  • After a long hiatus, work on these pages has resumed. I've played around with the formatting yet again, this time by changing the rule line image and fixing their automatic width components (I realized that the 750 pixel line oftentimes went off-screen, and a WIDTH= addition fixed that just fine). I've also redone the bottom bit of every page (buttons, rules, disclaimer, copyright notices, etc.), and I've re-organized the entry point to ensure faster loading for those with slow connections.
  • I've added two new pages, in the form of Quote Pages, which deal with double entendres and out-of-context exclamations uttered by the denizens of my favorite home-away-from-home, the Science Undergraduate society of UBC. Eventually, and depending on the amount of money (specifically, the lack thereof) that I manage to extort from the various people quoted, I may include a Rogue's Gallery, consisting of a photo and a quick description, and maybe an identifying quotation.
  • As well, I've yet again modified my Friends homepage to include even more of the important people in my life.

February 7, 1996

  • My life really bites sometimes. In celebration of this most natural of painful events, I've created my own personal Bitterness Page. Come and celebrate the depths of painful darkness hiding in the human soul, or just bugger off and wallow in self pity.
  • I've also been dicking around with Frames, but those results won't be up for a while.
  • As well, I've modified my Friends homepage, to include yet more of the important people in my life.

January 28, 1996

  • I finally took the time today to download a copy of Netscape 2.0 beta 6b. Looks an awful lot like beta 3, except for the fact that its loading is significantly faster, the bookmarks are handled better (though there's still a few problems trying to drop a group in between two groups), and the new-launched windows don't cascade diagonally off the screen anymore. Bravo, Netscape. Now if only they'd implement the definable images for <hr> and <li>; items, I'd be sailing...
  • Incorporated the icon for my page's host service. Once again, thanks, Graeme!

January 27, 1996

  • I've re-worked the pages to almost completely fit their (now-permanent, hopefully) home at Seer Syberville. Many thanks to Graeme for providing the space. Syberville's a pretty cool place, 'cause I now get the chance to play with CGI scripting (which was more or less totally unavailable in any flexible form when the page had its home at Comp. Sci).
  • I'm also going to be playing with more of Netscape's HTML extensions (I can hear the hissing of the crowd now...) Have no fear. These pages will still be fairly backwards compatible. However, I must point out that these pages look best when viewed with a Netscape compliant browser, versions 1.1 and higher.
  • I've moved another copy of these pages up to one of the Mac's in the Science Undergrad Society Office. Now I can play with four (or more) letter extensions to my hearts content! Look out .shtml extensions!

December 26, 1995

  • I've been re-working the structure of the pages to fit its new home at Syberville. I've tested all the links as best as possible, but if I missed something, feel free to yell at me about it.
  • As well, the index page imagemap is now compliant to both the HTML 3.0 specifications for client-side image maps, as well as for the HTML 2.0 specifications for server-side image maps.
  • In order to make life easier for myself, I've re-done some of the internal links for my local pages. No longer do they point to a file with an .html extension. Because I'm working on a DOS box with an (eight.three) filename limitation, I can't fill in the last L of the extension. Tedious as it is for me to rename the files every time I upload 'em (and given the difficulties of renaming at my new location), I've decided to keep the plain old .html extension.

December 16, 1995

  • I've re-done the index page as a kind of test of imagemap accessibility up at the my homepage's server site. It might have worked, it might not. If it doesn't I'll look at putting the page elsewhere or else shutting it down. A lot of the best content won't be available until I have oodles of time to spend on the pages, anyway, and given next term's demanding schedule, I may not have the time.
  • I've also tried to streamline and reduce image sizes, or provide workarounds so that people with slow connections don't have to sit around twiddling their thumbs. I hate that.

December 14, 1995

  • Well, one more day to go, and I've got my last final exam. Yay. Anyway, I've re-done the button bar to fit more into context with the rest of my pages, and this has massively decreased the file sizes for each page. It had to do with downloading all that table data...
  • I've also decided to do a few other changes to structure and organization. <Sigh>, if only my university offered courses in HTML editing and Webpage design, I'd be pulling up my GPA in no time flat.

December 12, 1995

  • Well, exams are still here. Four down and one to go (and it's Computer Science... echh). I've finally figured out how to get Kai's Power Tools' Texture Explorer to generate tiles, and I've been having a blast making 'em. Of course, I still haven't figured out how to make flat-panel, non-chaotic tiles like marble backgrounds, or sand backgrounds, but give me time....
  • I've gotten the hang of tables, and so there's mucho tables on my homepages now. Yay!
  • I've also re-organized the way pages link to each other. Before, you had three choices from the icons at the bottom of the page: Back to the top of my homepage, the index page, or to the "farewell" page. Now, you have other choices which can link you to pages in closer web proximity to each other. Hope you like the changes.

December 8, 1995

  • Well, work definately died on these pages in the last two weeks. Exams came, and are still here, and life has become chaotic.
  • Anyway, I've re-organized the main setup for these pages, and I've been flipping around from site to site, looking for cool tiles that to filch. Of course, I'd rather be making them myself, from scratch, but I haven't figured that out yet. Oh well, yet another round with Paint Shop Pro...
  • The "Under Construction" warning logos have finally vanished, and while the pages are still more-or-less under construction, they're more or less presentable, enough so that I don't have to keep the logos anymore. My thanks to the Computer Science Students Society of UBC, and the Department of Computer Science, for their graphic.
  • If anyone out there knows how to do a cgi/bin independant counter, with specifiable number-gifs, could you please e-mail me? I'm at jaygarcia@-removetomail-home.com. I don't really like relying on links to someone else's counter, and UBC tends to frown upon the addition of new files to their root cgi/bin directory.

November 21, 1995

  • I'm working on the Goldeneye and the Moxy Früvous concert reviews, and they should be up within a day or so.
  • I've also begun the final approach to my Christmas Exams, so work on these pages (except as mentioned above) will definately slow down. Oh, well. Sigh.
  • And, in addition to this, there are new and intersting wrinkles in my social life. More news on this after Thursday.

November 20, 1995

  • Well, the What's New and Upcoming Events pages are new. Nothing terribly exciting happened this week.
  • This is not all that unusual, considering that it's near the end of midterms and the beginning of the pre-Final Exam Crunch.
  • If any of you out there know of CGI scripts which can do countdowns to dates that I can specify, please e-mail me at jaygarcia@-removetomail-home.com. Heck, email me if you just feel like talking, chatting, whatever.
  • Oh, and Graeme, if you're out there, are you still doing the 432 Web Page? 'Cause if you're not, I'd be willing to give it a try.
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